Modernize Your CX With the Power of UJET SmartActions

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce average handle time, and lower operating costs with UJET SmartActions: Contact Center technology for the smart device era that leverages the capabilities of modern devices to drive contextual, informed, and effective interactions.

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“79% of consumers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.”State of the Customer: 4th Edition

Salesforce, 2020

Use Biometric Identification to Increase Security

UJET SmartActions makes verifying callers faster, easier, and more secure. Rather than asking your customer for their childhood pet’s name, simply send an automated verification request to their smartphone before the call connects to a live agent. The customer can choose to authenticate themselves using an existing passcode, or the same biometric identification methods they use to unlock their phones, like Face ID or a fingerprint. The entire verification process takes seconds, and allows your agents to quickly move on to resolving the issue the customer called about.

Request Photos and Video Before and During the Call

Many of the issues your customers are contacting support about can’t be resolved by simply reading the agent an error code. By implementing our best-in-class Android and iOS SDKs, your agents can visualize the problem by asking your customer to send a video, screenshot, or photo using their phone or another internet-connected device. Once the photo or video is received, UJET saves it directly to your CRM and does not store or save any customer information, significantly reducing the risk of exposure or data breaches.

Collect Payments Securely

Whether you have a first-time caller or a long-time customer on the line, UJET’s mobile customer engagement tools support convenient and secure interactions.

Need to collect a payment during the call? SmartActions eliminates the security risk of a customer reading their card aloud to an agent or in public where someone could overhear. Instead, simply send a payment request to the customer’s smartphone. After the customer adds their card information and submits the payment, the agent will receive a notification that the transaction was successful.

UJET is PCI-compliant and has an experienced Security and Privacy team working to ensure that you and your customers’ PII is secure.

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Share Sensitive Information via Text

Need to gather additional information that your customer would rather not share out loud? Agents can quickly send a text input request to verify spelling, or collect information like symptoms, addresses, or a membership number discreetly.

All information gathered via text input is saved securely to your CRM to help inform future agents working on the account. Agents can also send the customer an SMS with a deep link to point them to a specific page on your website or app.

Supercharge Agent Efficiency

Pre-session SmartActions gives you the ability to collect all the information needed to effectively resolve customer concerns before the call even connects to a live agent. Biometrically verify the caller using Face ID or a fingerprint, and request more information about the reason for their call via photos, video, or text input. Collecting these details before connecting the customer to an agent increases agent efficiency and decreases the amount of time required to resolve the issue, which saves you money and improves customer satisfaction.

“When a customer can take a photo and send it to the agent, it allows us to see and understand the problem from the customer’s perspective.”

–Tanisha Marshall

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